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Anno 1800 Game Guide

Anno 1800 Game Guide

Build and conquer! Guide to Anno 1800 will help you design the perfect city - our tips will teach you how to obtain raw materials, make money and build complex production chains. Check our tips for beginners!

The following guide to Anno 1800 will give you the tools to create a flourishing civilization entering the industrial age. Our guide is a powerful compendium of knowledge, in which every player will find answers to questions and tips for the beginning of the game. The guide addresses the most important issues, such as the most important novelties in the new installment of Anno franchise, description of the interface or the development of one's city.

The guide starts with tips for a good start, as well as a chapter about basics, in which you can find all of the necessary advice needed to start a new game. From this section of the guide you will learn about available game modes, controls, read about extensive tips for the beginning, as well as about the colony development system. Another chapter of the Anno 1800 guide describes, in detail, the mechanics of city management. Here you can find a list of available buildings, a description of city's attractiveness and two of the culture buildings in the game - Zoo and Museum. Subsequent pages tell how to acquire valuable resources and describe, in 5 steps, the best method of city development.

There is also an extensive FAQ chapter in the guide, answering all of the questions that might arise during the game. Here you will learn, above all else, how to acquire new animals for the Zoo, as well as exhibits to the museum, you will read about methods of improving the attractiveness of the city, how to unlock new buildings, how to reach Amazonia and how to create additional fields for crops.

Anno 1800 is the next installment of the popular series of economic strategy games, developed by the Blue Byte studios owned by Ubisoft. The game was developed for the PC platform and, as the title suggests, its action is set in the days of the industrial revolution - the age of important geographical and scientific discoveries and ubiquitous industrialization.

As in the previous installments of the series, in Anno 1800 the player takes on the role of the ruler whose task is to create a prosperous metropolis. Beginning the struggle with only a handful of people and a small settlement, one must lead people to work in order to obtain the resources necessary to survive and construct new buildings, creating more complex chains of production. Skillful planning of the urban infrastructure is also crucial, as it accelerates the processes taking place in the city. Potential surpluses of resources can be traded or exchanged in order to acquire those that the city is currently lacking.

Anno 1800 - various game editions

Anno 1800 is available in few editions to offer a variety of content.

The standard edition includes only the Anno 1800 game.

The Digital Deluxe edition includes a copy of Anno 1800 game, the Anarchist expansion set, company Logos, Art of Anno 1800 (Digital album) and a selection of tracks from the original soundtrack - Anno 1800 Game Guide

The Digital Deluxe edition includes a copy of Anno 1800 game, the Anarchist expansion set, company Logos, Art of Anno 1800 (Digital album) and a selection of tracks from the original soundtrack.

The Pioneer Collectors Edition includes a copy of Anno 1800 game, the Anarchist expansion set, a Collectors Edition Box in Victorian style, Art of Anno 1800 Digital Album, unique accessories packed in metal, 3 lithographs, a letter from Hannah, full games soundtrack - Anno 1800 Game Guide

The Pioneer Collector's Edition includes a copy of Anno 1800 game, the Anarchist expansion set, a Collector's Edition Box in Victorian style, Art of Anno 1800 Digital Album, unique accessories packed in metal, 3 lithographs, a letter from Hannah, full game's soundtrack.

Anno 1800 - Season Pass Content and DLC

Ubisoft has announced the following expansion sets: Sunken Treasures, Botanica and The Passage - Anno 1800 Game Guide

Ubisoft has announced the following expansion sets: Sunken Treasures, Botanica and The Passage. The cost of the season pass is $24.99. In addition to these expansion sets, season pass holders will have access to cosmetic items: a portrait of the prisoner, as well as two company logos (Promethean Fire and Eagle Crest).

The Sunken Treasure expansion will present a new character - an eccentric scientist. With him, we will travel to unexplored European island to find the hidden treasure.

Botanica, unlocks a new building - Botanical garden, which will increase the attractiveness of our city and attract tourists. Another novelty will be the music pavilion, which may allow you to listen to songs from the soundtracks of previous hits of Anno games.

The Passage will lead us to the arctic climates of north pole, where we will search for the missing polar expedition. Surviving in such extreme conditions will require taking advantage of brand new buildings and facilities.

Anno 1800 - Free add-ons

In addition to the mentioned expansions and DLCs, Anno will receive free add-ons and mods, which include:

  1. a new type of building that allows you to look at the exact statistics of the game;
  2. cooperative mode, in which players will manage control over a single Empire;
  3. community challenges - regular tasks the entire community of Anno 1800 players, the completion of which will unlock new cosmetic items for all participants.

Tips for a start

  1. Focus on a high amount of residential buildings. Once the game starts, focus on creating a large number of huts for the new residents of the island. After meeting the requirements of a given social group, they will be able to get promoted - doing so, however, will cause you to lose some of the employees. For instance, promoting farmers to workers will allow you to send the newly arrived to work in the mines, but they will no longer be able to work in fishing huts. This is why you need a large number of houses and residents - the latter can be promoted in the social hierarchy if needed.
  2. Create a lot of objects generating building materials. At the beginning planks will be enough for you, but you will soon need bricks and steel as well. Try to always create a large number of production buildings so that you will not have to wait too long for the chance to create more buildings.
  3. Use the planning mode. A new feature of Anno 1800 is the possibility to plan buildings ahead. Use this option to prepare your city's development and construct buildings when you get enough resources.
  4. Send a ship for a reconnaissance mission. Once the game starts, select your ship and start exploring the surrounding waters. This way you will discover additional islands that will contain, among others, new raw materials to use. To be able to use them, you need to create a shipyard on such an island and send the right amount of materials from your main island.
  5. Create smaller colonies. This point is a direct development of the previous one. Try to colonize the small islands around your city as soon as possible, with focus on the areas where you can set up mines. Consider the possibility of creating factories on other lands, far away from the main residential areas - this will allow you to increase the overall satisfaction of the residents and the attractiveness of the city.
  6. Remember about high productivity. If you click on a building you will see information about its productivity. The priority is to assign the maximum number of employees to it. Additionally, sometimes you will need to organize free space around the building or prepare a large field for crops.
  7. Remember about trade. Any surplus of manufactured goods should be sold or sent to another island. Also make sure that there are enough warehouses on your island to accumulate all of the goods.
  8. Control the pace of the game. You can use the + and - to control the speed of the game. This is very useful when, for instance, you are waiting for a production of bricks or steel.
  9. Set up a large zoo and museum. After unlocking the craftsman social group, you will be able to create two cultural buildings on your island. They will allow you to significantly increase the attractiveness of the city. You need to focus on acquiring new species of animals and valuable exhibits. Those are available mainly from expeditions, although sometimes you will be able to acquire them in additional ways, e.g. via trade.
  10. Do not over-expand. Remember that you have a limited balance and an excess of buildings can lead to bankruptcy. Additionally, a large number of residents translates into equally large needs. Calmly develop your city and take care of the satisfaction of the society, as they can start organizing protests over time.


This section of the Anno 1800 guide focuses on the basics and fundamental aspects of gameplay. We have prepared explanations to the most crucial issues that will help you start the adventure with the title.

  1. Most important Anno 1800 changes. Anno 1800 is the seventh main installment of the series and comes with some novelties to the gameplay. This chapter describes what new things you can see in the game - there you will learn, among others, what are cultural buildings and expeditions.
  2. Interface - Although the title has a rather easy-to-read interface, it is worth looking at it more closely to explain each option in detail. Take a look at this page of the guide to learn more about the game interface.
  3. Development and the needs of residents - Your residents have their own needs. Once you meet them, you will be able to promote them, for instance, from workers to craftsmen. Check this chapter to learn more about the topic.
  4. Game modes - Anno 1800 has three extensive game modes. The "sandbox", a mode beloved by fans, also returns. Read more here!
  5. Controls - the game has a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts. All of them have been collected and described here.
  6. Tips for a start - Before you start creating your first city, check this page to learn how to do it successfully. The tips found here will help you with the game!
  7. Scenario customization - each scenario in the game can be customized according to your preferences. Selection of starting capital, map size, yields, avatar, etc. Everything is explained and presented in this chapter of our guide!
  8. Side mission - the list of side missions in Anno 1800. Here, you can learn how to find and complete them to, e.g. get new staff members for expeditions.

City management

City management is the quintessence of the gameplay in Anno 1800. Aside from pleasures, there are many duties awaiting you in the game. The following section discusses the most important aspects related to the development of your community.

  1. List of buildings - there are many buildings to construct in the game. On this page you will find descriptions of all of the constructions available in the game, coupled with the division to individual social classes.
  2. Attractiveness of the city - the most important parameter of your city. It is attractiveness that attracts tourists to your city. What effects the attractiveness of the city? You can find out here!
  3. Zoo and Museum - those two key cultural buildings play a very important role in Anno 1800. Check this page to learn what distinguishes them from the rest!
  4. Gathering resources - As befits a complex strategy game such as Anno 1800, the title offers the possibility of acquiring different kinds of resources. Here you can find the descriptions of mechanics associated with obtaining raw resources.
  5. The beginning of a great empire in 5 steps - How to perfectly start a game? We present 5 steps that will guide you through the beginnings of the game!


The following chapter contains answers for the most frequently asked questions concerning Anno 1800. We have tried to select the most problematic aspects of the gameplay and we have collected them in the form of chapters presented below. Have a look at any of the pages to get answers to the question bothering you.

  1. How to acquire new animals to the zoo and exhibits to the museum? - Tourists are quickly bored with old exhibits or common animals. On this page you will learn how to acquire more valuable specimen!
  2. How to increase the city's attractiveness? - Smog, chaos in society, demonstrations - all this and more has an impact on the attractiveness of your city. What can your city do to be perceived as a more unusual one?
  3. How to unlock more buildings and social classes? - Here you will find answers to questions on how to discover new constructions and recruit new social classes in Anno 1800.
  4. How to unlock a new game session, the Amazonia? - Although your city is developing quickly, sooner or later you will run out of resources necessary for further expansion. Then you will be able to reach Amazonia!
  5. How to create fields for farms? - The option to create additional fields on the farm is quite cleverly hidden. Check this chapter to learn how to expand your buildings with additional farmlands.
  6. How to buy ships from others? - Learn how to buy ships from other factions.
  7. How to colonize new islands? - Your island isn't self-sufficient meaning that you will have to quickly colonize other islands to get more resources and help your citizens.
  8. How to buy islands from others? - In Anno 1800, players can purchase islands from other factions - this is very useful when you have a lot of money.
  9. How does the diplomacy work? - You have questions regarding the diplomacy system and the process of creating relations with other factions? Check out this chapter!
  10. How to transport goods between your islands? - This chapter will teach you how to transport goods between the islands and start colonizing!
  11. How to trade with others? - This chapter focuses on trading with other factions.


In Anno 1800 you will find a campaign that tells the story of the Goode family in 4 acts. The head of the family dies and his fortune goes to Edward Goode, who tyrannizes his siblings that mourn his father. Your task is to rebuild the empire of your deceased father and clear his name of the charges. In our guide you will find a step-by-step list of all tasks, which will allow you to complete the campaign in 1800 very quickly. The walkthrough we provide has solutions and tips for the following missions:

  1. Chapter 1 - A Tale of Two Brothers. In this chapter you will find tips and guidelines for the following missions: Having a blast, A Spark Rekindled, Housing Wares, The apple falls not far from the tree, Loyalty Repaid, Dull as Ditchwater, Toast to the Future, Family Bonds, Black Sheep of the Family, One Final Polish, Hard Times, Freedom and the Free Press, The Debt is Official, Working Class Heroes, Building from the Ashes, Edvard's Lackery, Scapegoats, Curiosity Killed the Cat, None of Your Business, The Shipyard, Hot of the Press.
  2. Chapter 2 - A sign of Fire. Includes missions: Any old iron, Moving mountains, The Demolitions Expert, Industrial Evolution, Warfare, Bulk order, Follow a Smuggler, Murder!, Father's Diary, Kashina the Wordly, The Pyrphorians, Mission to the New World.
  3. Chapter 3 - Prosperity. Includes missions: A Home for the Rebels, Rescue and Refuge, A Bastion for All, Heat Wave, A Look Out, Wolves in Alpaca's Clothing, Release and Ease, The best defense is a good offense, Emergency Evacuation, Ordered Wildfire, Refugees Welcome, Pay no Ransom, One hand washes the other, Follow the lead.
  4. Chapter 4 - The torch passes. Includes missions: The confrontation, Come what may, Justitia, Prosecution, Final Battle. Here, you can also learn what you can do after completing the campaign in Anno 1800.

About Anno 1800 Game Guide

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last update : September 13, 2018

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Anno 1800 Video Game

  • genre: Strategy

  • developer: Blue Byte GmbH
  • publisher: Ubisoft
  • platform: PC

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