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Football Manager 2022 Guide by

Football Manager 2022 Guide

Table of Contents

Football Manager 2022: Beginner's guide Football Manager 2022 guide, tips

On this page of the FM 2022 tutorial we tell you what squad depth is, how to take care of the players' morale and how to navigate the transfer market.

On this page of the guide you'll find some starting tips for Football Manager 2022. We have prepared various tips and tricks that are mainly intended for novice players.

Choosing the league and the club

If this is your first time playing Football Manager 2022, you should know that leading a good, well-trained team will let you implement many complex tactics. The better the club, the higher its budget will be, which means you'll be able to recruit much better players to the team. Unfortunately, this also means much higher expectations from the higher-ups and your fans, who won't be satisfied if you end up in the middle of the rankings.

When selecting a team from one of the worse leagues you must be prepared for a big challenge, as the players in those teams won't be able to correctly do what they're told until they're properly trained. What's more, you won't have the necessary finances to quickly strengthen the team with new players.


Team morale is very important in Football Manager 2022 - if morale is low, the team will be playing badly, without commitment and without correctly performing the tactics you've set.

If you notice that the team's morale is low, you can try organising a meeting with the players, trying to change their mood and attitude. Another solution is talking to players individually - some praise can work wonders.


Recruiting new players is a very important task in FM 2022, so it's worthwhile to spend some time on learning about the Scouting system. Using this tab correctly will let you bring new, fresh talent to your team before other teams can do so. Always remember to pay attention to the club's finances before signing a contract.

For more information on Scouting in Football Manager 2022 check the Scouting page.


Planning an appropriate training calendar is no easy task, so when just starting your playthrough of FM 2022 it's best to leave this matter to your advisors, as they do their jobs well. On the other hand, by managing the team's training yourself you'll be able to track how taxing the training regimen is and modify it to your liking.

Creating appropriate training schedules in Football Manager 2022 can improve team performance, quality of their playing, and also affects the attributes of individual players.

For more information on Training in Football Manager 2022 check the Training page.

Medical Center

Injuries in FM 2022 occur frequently, and you'll unfortunately have to learn how to deal with them. In the Medical Center tab, you'll find information about the health conditions of all players in your team, along with an assessment of their injury risk.

If a player is too taxed by training/matches, let him rest. It's better to play a match or two without one of your top players than to cause an injury that would force him to take 3-4 weeks off.

Transfer market

The Transfer Market in Football Manager 2022 lets you find really good players and gain a lot by recruiting them, but each wrong decision you make can have disastrous consequences and negatively impact your career. While the transfer market's open, try to only buy players you need and only sell the ones who don't fit your playstyle.

Players nearing the end of their career could have really good attributes and skills while being relatively cheap. If the higher-ups don't require you to hire only young players, it's worth it to think of recruiting a few older, more experienced ones.

Team depth

Squad depth is incredibly important in every team, and it's no different in Football Manager 2022. If one of the roles on the playing field isn't properly filled, it could be a good idea to look for a specific player on the transfer market to empower this playing zone.

Try not to buy too many players for the same playing area when shopping at the transfer market, as you won't be able to use all of them. Remember, players that don't play only cost the club more.

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